Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Button-Up by Pegell!!

So here it is! That nifty little organizing system I was asked to review!

Here is what is usually on my fridge (and mind you, I did a little "clean up" on the fridge because it was a disaster! You don't even want to see the "before" of the before picture! LOL)

I am sure y'all can relate to that ^^^ on some level.

It comes with everything you need to apply it to pretty much any surface. Suction cups for windows, magnets for the fridge and heavy duty tacks for walls. What I really liked about it was the quality of the products used to adhere it to surfaces. Many times I have gone out and purchased something to hold pictures and clutter just to have it slide down the fridge or fall out of the wall. Button-Up is tough! For my experiment I used the magnets on my fridge.

How does it hold things??

All you do is pop your doo-dad under one of these buttons and it holds everything securely. 

I tried a little bit of everything as you can see:) It makes for a great "Grand Central Station" of important papers, coupons, notes and pictures!

I could get really creative with Button-Up. I could use it in my office as an inspiration board, in a restaurant window (with the suction cups) to hold a menu or I could flip in over and use it as a white board. I like that it is really versatile! 

However, my favorite use was for a picture board on my fridge...

If you are in the market for a nifty little organizing system try Button Up out!

Have a wonderful week,

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