Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 7 {Fruit}

Ahhh. Sweet summer watermelon. 
I just wish it felt more like summer here in Washington...it seems as though it may be June-uary.
But what can ya do? 

Just in case you were wondering that old apple crate you see there was a great little yard sale find for $1! And that watermelon tasted delicious after its little photo shoot!

Until next time~

Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 6 {From a low angle}

Day 5 {From a high angle}

So maybe this isn't the highest of angles to choose from but I am taller than her so it falls in the category right?! On saturday afternoon we decided to take the kids and do a little exploring in downtown Portland. We took the kids into this really cool shop called Cargo that is filled with all kinds of funky junk! There was a barrel of parasol's sitting out and my daughter pointed to them and said "MOM! those would be great props!"...I couldn't help but gush at that and think to myself "Hmmm do I have a future little photog on my hands??!" Look out world!
Then for the rest of our afternoon she walked all over Portland with her little pink parasol!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 4 {Something green}

Well you don't have to look far in Washington for something green now do you?! There is so much green around I wasn't quite sure what I was going to shoot until I came across this cute green bike leaning against a green picket fence today! 

And how whimsical is it to have a basket filled with flowers and American flags?!

I heart country bicycles & picket fences...


Day 3 {Clouds}

 with a side of little boy piggies!

Finally having some beautiful barefoot days here in Washington!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 2 {What I wore today}

Have you ever tried to take a picture of yourself? Like a REAL one. Not one where your arm is on the side of the picture because your holding your camera phone in front of your face but like a real one where you are perched in front of the camera like everything is cool. Uh...its not as easy as it looks and honestly it feels quite awkward and dorky. It is also unnerving when you hear someone coming and afraid that they might see you "taking a picture of yourself" you awkwardly look off to the side and end up with something with one eye shut and a facial expression that looks like you have just smelled something foul. 

It kinda went something like this:

~Set up camera on tripod that doesn't work well with new very big, very heavy camera. 
~Set the timer button..."oh crap!" How do I set the timer again on this new camera? Got to find the manual. 
~OK..timer is set, hit the button and run in front of the camera..."what do I do now?" Think for a second...FLASH! The camera takes the picture. I look awkward, confused and the tripod isn't holding my camera and tilted forward to cut off my head.
~Try again.
~Try again.
~Try again.
~Try again.
~Strip down and throw clothes on the floor in a huff.

And there you have it folks...what I wore today!


Day 1 {Self-portrait}

I find it appropriate to do my self portrait with my "sancho"...er I mean my camera.

Tee he he.


30 Day Photog Challenge

I always love a "challenge" and when I found this on Pinterest (WARNING: Pinterest is a highly addicting website of all types of eye candy) the other day I knew I had to do it! I think I was lured by the pretty way the 30 day logo was designed...because lets face it I am just a big fat sucker for pretty eye candy of all sorts! 

My photography classes are on a summer hiatus for now. While the kids are home I decided to stay as UNbusy as I possibly can so I have the freedom to go and do things without constraints. Afraid that my new photog skills would get a little dusty I found something to keep me going "hmmm" for 30 days straight.

Here is the challenge...

And really nobody needs a fancy camera to play with this one:) A point and shoot or camera phone will do just dandy. I know if I am in a pinch I will just bust out the old iPhone and use my hipstamatic app!

Happy shooting~