Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mini shoot around town...

I really love working with this kid! My daughter is such a sport when it comes to letting me experiment with different locations that I scope out around town and letting me get some homework done! 
She loves being in front of the camera...I have no idea where she gets that from (wink wink)! When it comes time to drag her out for a little mini shoot I don't even have to bribe-beg-plead for cooperation. She is all poses and grins.

Can I just say that as a mom of four when you experience cooperation at any level from any child it is truly a gift. So saying that I am thankful for it is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

Here is a little sneak peak of our mini shoot around Washougal. 
I have so many more places I want to experiment with so I hope she never gets tired of me buggin' for a shoot!

I am just scratching the surface with this photography stuff and by no means am I a pro or consider myself one (should the logo make you think I have gone mad and pronounced myself a professional). I am aspiring right now and reveling in everything I am learning.

 From classes to self teaching to getting out and messing up entire shoots this has been one of my greatest experiences. 

Have a beautiful day~

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