Monday, May 2, 2011

i heart faces entry.

I really love iheartfaces. (<--Click on that link to check em out!)

Every week they host a photo challenge for photogs of every level. Hobbyists, mom-parazzis, semi pros and full on pros. They provide so much inspiration, tips and helpful tutorials that I am known to lurk around iheartfaces on a daily basis! 
I decided to enter just for fun this week. The theme is "soft and sweet." I chose to revisit my Pillow Pet photo shoot for a couple reasons: I had a homework assignment for my portraiture class that required me to use natural window light as the light source and because there is only four northern exposure windows in my home (my messy office, the laundry room, the messy teenagers room and my 9 year old daughters bedroom) I really only had one choice in location that was decent for my shoot. Also, I got a new camera this weekend (the uber delicious Canon 7d) and I thought I would redo the shoot to see if I could spot a  difference in quality or otherwise PLAY WITH MY NEW TOY!

So here you have it. My "soft and sweet" entry:) The Pillow Pet as the "soft" and my sweet little Lily as the "sweet!" I hope you enjoy! If your a photography nut like me then you should head on over to iheartfaces!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. What a beautiful shot, and great lighting!

  2. Pillow pets are just too soft, we have one as well. Very nice capture

  3. soft and sweet indeed! Nice shot!


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