Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hodge Podge.

I have been at a crossroad with blogging lately. 
Should I keep it going? Should I put out my photography? Should I write about home stuff? Should I write about kids? I mean lets be real here...I don't have and endless supply of cash laying around to decorate and redecorate just for a blog! I wish I did but that just isn't going to happen. So then what happens when I run past my 3000 square feet? And I am super duper busy so I don't always have time to do a craft, stop and take pictures and then write about it. When I do that it sort of takes away from the enjoyment of being in moment. There is nothing worse than being in the moment of a craft with the kids and then saying "wait stop! I need to take a picture so I can BLOG it!" This is when I see some serious eyeball rolling. If I really think about it it sort of bursts their bubbles because before I wanted to "freeze" what we were doing they were enjoying the moment.


And then I think "Kama! Hello! You are lost in doing things for everyone but yourself again!" By this I mean that I started this blog for me as an outlet and that was it. I can have just myself reading or 500 people reading but really what it boils down to is remembering this is my outlet. So you will be seeing a lot of randoms in my posting. Just a hodge podge of my life! That would have been a good blog name "A Hodge Podge of My Life!" I am seriously into photography right now so most of what I post is probably going to be eye candy for now. 

Hope you don't mind:)

Here is a little recent eye candy...

We just recently had prom. It is always such a treat to do all the girly things with my daughters! Their corsages were done by our local florist Flowers Washougal who do some amazing flower arrangements. If your a local and haven't tried them you gotta go!  I wish I snapped a shot of the boys' boutonnieres but I was too camera crazy with the girls as usual!

Until next time! Have a beautiful day~