Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pillow (pet) Talk...

If there is one thing that I really do not like it is a whole bunch of stuffed animals. 

They can quickly take over a child's bedroom and can not be organized easily. I mean what good are they organized into a rubbermaid bin? Or piled across a bed? They just get thrown on to the floor every night to make way for our sleeping children. They take up so much space its not like you can put them all on your kiddos shelf and have you noticed when it is time to sift through and thin out these cute little stuffed creatures to donate that suddenly each and every one of them is your kiddos "FAVORITE."  

And then came the Pillow Pet craze. 
(As if Beanie Babies and FurReal friends were not enough!)

As soon as these things started brainwashing my children in between TV shows, hitting every store shelf and mall kiosk I knew it was OVER. Eventually somehow they would make their way into my children's bedroom where they would play with and love every single day just like the commercial says they will! 

I gave in.
 (I know I am a sucker!) 
But not without following through with my "one toy/stuffed animal in, one toy/stuffed animal out" rule which was formed in order to keep a handle on the clutter factor.

We are proud owners of a Pillow Pet Panda & Pillow Pet Puppy and despite not being a fan of stuffed animals I found a really great reason to love them almost as much as my kids do...

They make the CUTEST props for little kiddy pictures.

It has been dreadful here in Washington. Wet, grey, gloomy, gloomy and did I mention gloomy? But every now and then the clouds open up and shine a little heavenly sunlight through a window and although it may only last a few minutes it is always a quick opportunity to get in some picture taking! So last week when the moment of sun shined through our windows I grabbed my camera, kids and pillow pets for a quick shoot in their rooms. 

I think they turned out cute and I can honestly say that I am glad I got the kiddos the Pillow Pets:)
Thank god for little bits of sunshine!
Until next time~

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I just wanted to share a few of my latest favorite pictures. I am becoming obsessive about finding backgrounds to practice my photography-mania. Everywhere I go I look at things with a "that would be a cool spot to snap a few shots" mind frame. 

With the weather all cruddy and cold it is dampering my ability to go out and practice. However, I have found a nice little spot on the front porch to take a few pictures using the siding as a background. It is simple and neutral and makes colors pop! I also have been having ENDLESS fun playing with photoshop actions and templates!! The template I used here is from mcp actions and was FREE...go get one!!

Until next time,
Have a beautiful day~

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Doggie love.

Who doesn't love an adorable little fur face?! 

My little Peek-a-pom Betsey has been the latest victim of my photography craze!

I set her up with my fuzzy Ikea blanket as the backdrop, faced her towards some sweet northern light that was shining in through my office window & threw down a ball of purple yarn for a pop of color! 

My little dog will do anything for a cookie! 

And I will do just about anything to get a good picture!

Ahhh. Doggie love.