Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Purple kicks

This shot was made possible by my new toy...the Canon 24-70mm 2.8L lens (I feel so pro!). Hubbs kindly offered to treat me to this lens for our anniversary (19 years of being together! Holla!!). Can I say one thing? BEST. GIFT. EVER. Jewelery is not my thing although I do catch myself at Costco every now and then staring into the jewelry cases at all the pretty sparkly's. This is usually short lived as within seconds I am turning around to play with all the cameras and gadgets. The older I get the more I realize what a nerd I am.

Yesterday I was so excited to start using my new toy right away. I set the dog up and got a few shots but she looked scared of the big monster lens and laid there while I was taking pictures as if I was punishing her. So I stopped my doggie shoot, gave her a cookie and some loves and she was happy again. I figured I would do a few shots of the kiddos but they were not due home until about four which meant I was losing that precious northern exposure! So the second the kids walked through the front door after school I was like "photo shoot!!" to which they replied in grumbly miserable child style "nooo I don't want you to take my pictures AGAIN." In true mom-like-bribe fashion I said "five minutes of pictures and you can open a box of thin mints."


I got this great little picture of my daughters pretty purple kicks while she was sitting on grandpa's old stool. Thank god my girl scout cookies got delivered because there were no other treats in this house and who knows I might not have got this cute shot!

(And check me out peeps...I am getting all fancy with mah blog logo up in here!) 

After I tinkered with the picture on elements using some yummy Florabella actions my daughter and I were bumping brains and we thought it would be cute to do a little series of this picture. One with flip flops to represent summer, one with mary jane's to represent fall, one with snow boots to represent winter and this one above would be spring. Then we would print, frame and hang them in her room!

And this is why I love taking pictures. I go out snap a couple shots on the front porch and pretty soon I have come up with a fun project and art display!

Until next post~

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What makes me tick.

Last year I set out to become healthy, to lose weight and to dig into myself more and figure out what makes me tick. After spending so many years living and working for my family as a stay at home mom I started to feel as though I was losing myself. This sort of happened silently. I went on with everyday trying to keep up with every ones schedules, games, appointments, laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping and by the end of the day there is really nothing left for ME. I am lucky if I am able to squeeze in a workout!  I do not regret staying home with my kids I just needed to get a hold of Kama again. I decided I wanted to stop listening to myself say "I want to do this" or "I want to do that" and JUST DO IT. 

I needed to start doing the things that make my heart sing and that is my motto for 2011. 

I have always had a love for taking pictures and looking at other peoples pictures. I always wondered what equipment they used or how they got the shot. Anywhere I go my camera is always close by but I had never managed to figure out how to go beyond auto. I tried to read the manual my camera came with but my brain that had been lying dormant for so long while I slayed sippy cups, diapers, laundry and household chores for years was just not getting it! So after many many many internet searches I found a place called Newspace Center for Photography in Portland which offers classes that fit into my busy schedule. I started with a basic class to teach me how to shoot manually and as the class progressed my heart began to sing (like a 500 lb opera singer). I signed up for the photoshop class soon after the first class began and that was when all my backup singers appeared... I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY and this is what makes me tick! 

I have been doing pretty much nothing but reading about photography and editing for the past two months in my spare time. It has been nothing but pure pleasure for me to understand f-stops, shutter speeds, different lenses, layers, actions, RAW, jpeg, tiff and aspect ratios. Digital photography has sort of turned into pandora's box... first you need to learn how to use the camera correctly. Then you need to learn how to process the images correctly which leads to you needing to know how to run the software program to process those images... which also leads to you needing to know how to REALLY use your computer which I can honestly say I have never really been that in to so there is a lot for me to learn. 

And I thought I was just going to learn how to shoot pretty pictures! LOL

But it is all worth it. I feel like I am coming to life again. I am getting close (and I say "close" because I am still fumbling with the technical stuff and piecing it all together in the moment of a shoot) to expressing myself more in an artistic way while learning something new at the same time. It is a sense of accomplishment which I think every single human being needs. In the midst of all of this I think it might be sucking my husband in as well. He has always been one of artistic nature and the other day he asked if he could have my camera when I upgraded. He also had fun scouting out shoot locations in Portland and mentioned his love of architectural photography. How amazing would it be to stumble upon a husband and wife hobby?! 

Like I said "pandoras box."

I apologize for my absence and sporadic posts. I am just busy marinating my brain in all things photography right now! My goal is to be the photographer for my daughters senior pictures coming up soon...which has also led me to enrolling into a lighting course which starts soon. I CANT WAIT!

I wish you all a great week and "cheers" to making your heart sing!