Friday, January 21, 2011

Portrait of a stranger...

As I mentioned before my class assignment this week was to walk up to a stranger and take his or her picture. I kinda put this off through the week because I was a little scared to do this. I am used to taking pictures of my family which is no problem at all because my kids were born with my camera shoved into their pretty little faces. So when it comes to walking up to a stranger and saying "Can I take your picture?" it was giving me a little bit of anxiety. You just never know what people will say in that situation. Fortunately, I was lucky to find a nice man at our local Goodwill drop off center who agreed to take his picture for me. 

His name is Kevin. He helps unload cars filled with donations for the Goodwill. My first thought was to take his picture under the Goodwill sign so it would sort of tell the story of how he makes a living. I snapped a few shots and got this...

As I hit the playback button on my camera to show him the picture he said "Wait! Let me grab my glasses so I can see!" As he came back to me with his glasses on I noticed his beautiful eyes and said "Can I do one more? I love your glasses!" And he agreed. He popped his beanie back on and stood in the doorway for me. 

And I got this shot...

Maybe I am weird but I really love this picture of Kevin. 
I guess it is because through this picture I see that he is not just the guy who unloads my car full of junk but a man who is making a living doing something a lot of us would not want to do.  If it wasn't for this project maybe I would not have noticed his beautiful eyes...that sort of makes me sad inside. Do I really carry on my days so busy that I don't notice these beautiful details in the faces of strangers? 

After yesterday, I realize I need to slow down. Take a few moments here and a few moments there to just stop and take in the small (yet huge) beautiful things that surround me. Just the simplest task of donating some old junk to the goodwill has beauty in it but only if we stop for a moment to find it.

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