Monday, January 3, 2011

First post of 2011...

WOW. I didn't realize how long it has been since my last post! 

I have been spending time with our family from San parents, my brother and sister in law. We had a great visit, we cooked lots of food, we did tons of shopping and we did uber-amounts of coffee runs to Peet's to keep us going. Everyone went home yesterday, back to work, back to real life. I cant believe how fast the last couple of weeks flew by. It is kinda depressing here! The decorations all came down, the Christmas tree got launched off the back deck for the hubs to chop up for firewood and the house is so QUIET and BARE. I have a feeling this is what people call "empty nest syndrome." I don't really like it! AT. ALL. The only thing that keeps me from going back home is the fact that they will all be moving up here someday soon-ish...RIGHT MOM? (I know your reading this) Because your grand kids and your big 33 year old baby miss you:(

I was very happy to hop on blogger this morning and look through all the posts I missed while I was busy. BOY WAS I RE-INSPIRED! You all took my my frown and turned it upside-down! I want to get out and take lots of pictures, re-do my office, re-organize the garage and build an organizing system for my daughters bedroom (she does not have a closet in her room because it is considered a bonus room). I guess I should say "THANK YOU FOR LIGHTING MY FIRE!" (big dumb grin on my face). Now I have a few plans in my head to keep me busy and focused! 

I do not have any resolutions for the year, just a few goals. They are to keep off the weight I lost last year, to learn photography better (my class starts tonight! Eeeeeeee!!) and to SAVE MORE AND SPEND LESS! I think all of those things are achievable. Last year I/we made goals to lose weight and pay off debt and with my hard work I lost 52 pounds and with my husbands hard work we paid off the debt. Do you know how good it is to see that student loan that I took out 14 years ago disappear?! I would say last year's goals have put us in a perfect running position for 2011!

Here is to a fabulous new year to all my friends far and close! May you find happiness, stay healthy and achieve all of your New Year's goals and resolutions!

With love and gratitude~

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