Friday, January 21, 2011

Portrait of a stranger...

As I mentioned before my class assignment this week was to walk up to a stranger and take his or her picture. I kinda put this off through the week because I was a little scared to do this. I am used to taking pictures of my family which is no problem at all because my kids were born with my camera shoved into their pretty little faces. So when it comes to walking up to a stranger and saying "Can I take your picture?" it was giving me a little bit of anxiety. You just never know what people will say in that situation. Fortunately, I was lucky to find a nice man at our local Goodwill drop off center who agreed to take his picture for me. 

His name is Kevin. He helps unload cars filled with donations for the Goodwill. My first thought was to take his picture under the Goodwill sign so it would sort of tell the story of how he makes a living. I snapped a few shots and got this...

As I hit the playback button on my camera to show him the picture he said "Wait! Let me grab my glasses so I can see!" As he came back to me with his glasses on I noticed his beautiful eyes and said "Can I do one more? I love your glasses!" And he agreed. He popped his beanie back on and stood in the doorway for me. 

And I got this shot...

Maybe I am weird but I really love this picture of Kevin. 
I guess it is because through this picture I see that he is not just the guy who unloads my car full of junk but a man who is making a living doing something a lot of us would not want to do.  If it wasn't for this project maybe I would not have noticed his beautiful eyes...that sort of makes me sad inside. Do I really carry on my days so busy that I don't notice these beautiful details in the faces of strangers? 

After yesterday, I realize I need to slow down. Take a few moments here and a few moments there to just stop and take in the small (yet huge) beautiful things that surround me. Just the simplest task of donating some old junk to the goodwill has beauty in it but only if we stop for a moment to find it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Photography class is making my heart sing!

I apologize for my blogger absence:)

I have been a busy bumble bee! 

I started photography and photoshop classes recently and all I have been doing is reading, reading, reading, reading, and taking pictures as the weather permits! Can I say that never in my wildest dreams did I think that there was so much to the DSLR?! Especially my older version of the Canon Rebel! I don't just want to go by the book and set this thing-a-ma-jiggy on that setting or set that doo-hicky on this setting...I want to know "WHY" for everything that goes on in my camera. I am totally getting in touch with my inner geek. I have been pouring through books, the internet and good old youtube for as much info as I can possibly get. By the way, for some great photography tutorials on youtube check out fontanaknowlege. Grrreat channel!

As far as my work has been coming along I have a couple cool pictures to share. 


And no we didn't bring a fan. It was windy! LOL. Can you believe this reflective light I stumbled upon? It was very strong sunlight reflecting off of a glass building. We were coming to an end of a little photo shoot that I felt was unsuccessful. I was getting frustrated putting all the pieces of information together that I had recently learned and as we were walking away from our shooting area this light hit my daughter and I yelled out "work it girl!" and of course being the camera loving teen aged girl that she is...she worked it! I love this picture because it is completely unedited. It is exactly what I shot that day.

Betsey the crazy dog...

I think you can safely say that when you have been bitten by the photography bug you start obsessing over lenses. I decided to go to Pro Photo Supply in Portland to make my first lens purchase. I chose the 50mm 1.4 lens. This lens is great for portraits and low light situations. After my purchase I asked the sales guy "what should a beginner like me get next?!"...I think this is going to be trouble! After Betsey's little photo shoot she got a cookie for being so patient while I fumbled around with my new lens and settings. She is such a good little dog:)

Our homework this week is to do a portrait of a stranger, someone you do not know at all. Talk about getting out of your comfort zone! I feel sorry for some of the men in the class who have to go up to a stranger and say "excuse me, can I take your picture?!" I am a little nervous about this one...but I will let you all know how it goes.

Thank you for bearing with me as I venture off into photography for a bit. I promise I will be back into my crafty, decorating mode! I just need learn the proper way to take pictures of my projects!

Until next time,
Have a great week!


Monday, January 3, 2011

First post of 2011...

WOW. I didn't realize how long it has been since my last post! 

I have been spending time with our family from San parents, my brother and sister in law. We had a great visit, we cooked lots of food, we did tons of shopping and we did uber-amounts of coffee runs to Peet's to keep us going. Everyone went home yesterday, back to work, back to real life. I cant believe how fast the last couple of weeks flew by. It is kinda depressing here! The decorations all came down, the Christmas tree got launched off the back deck for the hubs to chop up for firewood and the house is so QUIET and BARE. I have a feeling this is what people call "empty nest syndrome." I don't really like it! AT. ALL. The only thing that keeps me from going back home is the fact that they will all be moving up here someday soon-ish...RIGHT MOM? (I know your reading this) Because your grand kids and your big 33 year old baby miss you:(

I was very happy to hop on blogger this morning and look through all the posts I missed while I was busy. BOY WAS I RE-INSPIRED! You all took my my frown and turned it upside-down! I want to get out and take lots of pictures, re-do my office, re-organize the garage and build an organizing system for my daughters bedroom (she does not have a closet in her room because it is considered a bonus room). I guess I should say "THANK YOU FOR LIGHTING MY FIRE!" (big dumb grin on my face). Now I have a few plans in my head to keep me busy and focused! 

I do not have any resolutions for the year, just a few goals. They are to keep off the weight I lost last year, to learn photography better (my class starts tonight! Eeeeeeee!!) and to SAVE MORE AND SPEND LESS! I think all of those things are achievable. Last year I/we made goals to lose weight and pay off debt and with my hard work I lost 52 pounds and with my husbands hard work we paid off the debt. Do you know how good it is to see that student loan that I took out 14 years ago disappear?! I would say last year's goals have put us in a perfect running position for 2011!

Here is to a fabulous new year to all my friends far and close! May you find happiness, stay healthy and achieve all of your New Year's goals and resolutions!

With love and gratitude~