Thursday, December 2, 2010

What to do with all those art projects and stuff the kids bring home!

If your the parent of a school aged child or school aged children your probably like me and have uber amounts of papers and art projects piling up in a dark corner of your house. I really didn't know the extreme amount of turkey hands, glittered pumpkins and hand written stories I had until I went on that quest to do my art wall and had to dig up some kid projects. Once I got into those old rubbermaid boxes I was like "someone needs an intervention!" I admit it, I am a child art hoarder. It breaks my heart to throw any of it away. I love it all. All of it is like gifts from my kids to me!! 

So, I figured after that art wall was done I would attack the uncontrolled piles of kid art and school papers.  I started by going through everything and tossing out the stuff that really had no meaning. I separated everything into piles for each kid then went through each pile and tried to put them in order by grade. (I think this took about two days).

I started with several of these...

And project by project, paper by paper, I hole punched and popped them into these binders. Just to give you a heads up, kindergarten to 2nd grade have the MOST art and take a couple of binders. As you get through the grades it starts to dwindle down :(

Please excuse the "no make up look!" Lol! Here is what they look like on the inside. Some projects I hole punched and some of them I popped into a sleeve...

They start filling up like this...

And because I thought they needed to be dolled up a bit I inserted pretty scrapbooking paper into each front cover, back cover and into the spines...

And now they all sit on my little corner shelf in the office waiting to be filled! It really helps to not have all these papers mound up on the office desk or the side of the fridge. For me, it is just way too much "noise" to see all of those papers everywhere! 

I hope this idea helps someone out there get a handle on all those kid papers!

Now you all go have yourself a great day!!

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