Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Looking forward to...

Today I do not have any decorating eye candy to share, a craft project to show, or even an organizing project to inspire you with. I have been a busy bumble bee! The holidays are here and it is also the time when projects are becoming due for the kiddos, finals are being taken and in between all of that is the hustle and bustle of the holidays! I have not even done my Christmas cards yet...and I am starting to think I may pass on the whole Christmas card thing this year. 

Speaking of those projects that are becoming due...we have one zebra diorama that we are working on (OK, actually we are still looking for the perfect shoe box! I have been a SLACKER-mom!) for my 3rd grader and the other is my 9th grader's "learning project." She had to choose something to learn how to do that she has never done before. I have to say this has been the best project so far out of all the hundreds of kid projects we have done over the years. For her topic she chose to learn how to use the DSLR camera. I really had to try not to completely take this project over and make it my own! 

This has been so much fun because it has given me a chance to spend some one on one time with her teaching her something that I love! She has such an amazing streak of creativity inside of her and when I get a chance to light her little candle she explodes it into a roaring fire. I love seeing all of this come to life. She is so much like me in the fact that she is not a "hit the books" kind of girl. She is a designer of sorts at heart, has a knack for eclectic fashion, decorating and putting things together. She has to be "doing" something to keep her happy and satisfied and she is definitely someone who sees things differently from the average person! I love this about her and watching her enjoy the creative ways you can use photography has been a JOY for me. I am looking forward to seeing her final project come to life and seeing the photos she chooses for her project.

In the meantime here are a few of my budding photographers pictures...

As you can see she loves using her little brother and sister as her subjects! I can relate...I love taking pictures of kids! While I was showing her the ropes of the camera I realized there was so much more for ME to learn as well and in the process I have signed up for some photography classes at Newspace Center for Photography here in Portland. I have two classes that I am taking, fundamentals of photography and a course in Photoshop. This was my Christmas gift to myself. I have got some major ants-in-mah-pants and I am already counting down the days until my first photography class starts!

So hold on friends...your gonna see a whole lotta pictures from this lady! LOL

Do you give yourself something for Christmas?

or do you have something you are looking forward to?

Happy holidays friends!



  1. I took Karen Russell's class last year and loved it. There was so much info in the 8 weeks that it was overwhelming. I am hoping that once things settle down, I can reread my class info and start taking photos again. I miss it. It will be fun to see what you learn in your class.

  2. How exciting!!! I heart photo's. Happy Tuesday = )))))


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