Tuesday, December 14, 2010

HIS own little "office!"

My little guy loves to do art projects, draw and color. He would always drag the big old coloring bin up to his room where he could get away from his three bossy big sisters, shut the door and concentrate on his artwork. There he would set up camp on the floor and go to work. He would lay on his tummy trying to hold his crayon or pen but seemed to get pretty uncomfortable after awhile. I have a little soft spot for this because he is in occupational therapy for a little extra help in the motor skill department so I decided to make him his own little comfy space to do his art. 

He didn't need anything fancy (after all he takes after his daddy in the fact that he is a very simple creature) he just needed his own little spot! So I began my bargain hunt for a little table and a little chair. Something just his little 5 year old size would do the trick and something somewhat sturdy since he is a bull in a china shop! The last little table we owned was used by my son as a diving board to jump on to the couch! The table collapsed and he ended up dislocating his elbow. A couple of weeks later he catapulted himself off of an electrical box out in the front yard and broke that same elbow so bad he had to have two surgeries to fix it! And now we keep him wrapped in bubble wrap just to be safe. (Kidding).

One day I ended up in Ikea and in the bargain section I found a little white end table for $5! It was just the perfect size for the spot I needed to put it in and it was the perfect size for my little guy to sit at. While I was there I grabbed a little chair for the table (making sure it was just the size to keep his feet planted to the floor so he wont wiggle as much and be able to focus on his art projects better--his occupational therapist recommended this). 

And this is what we put together...

I had the decorative shelf left over from his nursery in our old house and it is perfect to put his cups of crayons on as well as his blocks with his name spelled out to remind him how to spell his name! Next to his desk I put a little basket with his writing books and coloring books inside. I also put a little lamp on his desk because it gets a little dark here in the Northwest! 

He loves to display his artwork! Whenever he brings something home from school he wants to "hang it in his office!" I love that he has his own creative space and if he gets a little messy with his markers like this...

It doesn't really matter because his table was only five bucks! Lol!

Hope you all have a great week:) I have been a busy little bumble bee around here with the holidays and the kids...but I love it! I am very lucky to be home with all four of them!



  1. That is a great little area!! I bet he loves it!

  2. I'm going to have to tell my daughter about this post. It's a perfect "office" for a child and what a great way to display all his art without having to take a machete to the front door of the fridge to find the handle.

  3. You did a great job finding a table for $5 and creating him a cute space.


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