Tuesday, December 14, 2010

HIS own little "office!"

My little guy loves to do art projects, draw and color. He would always drag the big old coloring bin up to his room where he could get away from his three bossy big sisters, shut the door and concentrate on his artwork. There he would set up camp on the floor and go to work. He would lay on his tummy trying to hold his crayon or pen but seemed to get pretty uncomfortable after awhile. I have a little soft spot for this because he is in occupational therapy for a little extra help in the motor skill department so I decided to make him his own little comfy space to do his art. 

He didn't need anything fancy (after all he takes after his daddy in the fact that he is a very simple creature) he just needed his own little spot! So I began my bargain hunt for a little table and a little chair. Something just his little 5 year old size would do the trick and something somewhat sturdy since he is a bull in a china shop! The last little table we owned was used by my son as a diving board to jump on to the couch! The table collapsed and he ended up dislocating his elbow. A couple of weeks later he catapulted himself off of an electrical box out in the front yard and broke that same elbow so bad he had to have two surgeries to fix it! And now we keep him wrapped in bubble wrap just to be safe. (Kidding).

One day I ended up in Ikea and in the bargain section I found a little white end table for $5! It was just the perfect size for the spot I needed to put it in and it was the perfect size for my little guy to sit at. While I was there I grabbed a little chair for the table (making sure it was just the size to keep his feet planted to the floor so he wont wiggle as much and be able to focus on his art projects better--his occupational therapist recommended this). 

And this is what we put together...

I had the decorative shelf left over from his nursery in our old house and it is perfect to put his cups of crayons on as well as his blocks with his name spelled out to remind him how to spell his name! Next to his desk I put a little basket with his writing books and coloring books inside. I also put a little lamp on his desk because it gets a little dark here in the Northwest! 

He loves to display his artwork! Whenever he brings something home from school he wants to "hang it in his office!" I love that he has his own creative space and if he gets a little messy with his markers like this...

It doesn't really matter because his table was only five bucks! Lol!

Hope you all have a great week:) I have been a busy little bumble bee around here with the holidays and the kids...but I love it! I am very lucky to be home with all four of them!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Looking forward to...

Today I do not have any decorating eye candy to share, a craft project to show, or even an organizing project to inspire you with. I have been a busy bumble bee! The holidays are here and it is also the time when projects are becoming due for the kiddos, finals are being taken and in between all of that is the hustle and bustle of the holidays! I have not even done my Christmas cards yet...and I am starting to think I may pass on the whole Christmas card thing this year. 

Speaking of those projects that are becoming due...we have one zebra diorama that we are working on (OK, actually we are still looking for the perfect shoe box! I have been a SLACKER-mom!) for my 3rd grader and the other is my 9th grader's "learning project." She had to choose something to learn how to do that she has never done before. I have to say this has been the best project so far out of all the hundreds of kid projects we have done over the years. For her topic she chose to learn how to use the DSLR camera. I really had to try not to completely take this project over and make it my own! 

This has been so much fun because it has given me a chance to spend some one on one time with her teaching her something that I love! She has such an amazing streak of creativity inside of her and when I get a chance to light her little candle she explodes it into a roaring fire. I love seeing all of this come to life. She is so much like me in the fact that she is not a "hit the books" kind of girl. She is a designer of sorts at heart, has a knack for eclectic fashion, decorating and putting things together. She has to be "doing" something to keep her happy and satisfied and she is definitely someone who sees things differently from the average person! I love this about her and watching her enjoy the creative ways you can use photography has been a JOY for me. I am looking forward to seeing her final project come to life and seeing the photos she chooses for her project.

In the meantime here are a few of my budding photographers pictures...

As you can see she loves using her little brother and sister as her subjects! I can relate...I love taking pictures of kids! While I was showing her the ropes of the camera I realized there was so much more for ME to learn as well and in the process I have signed up for some photography classes at Newspace Center for Photography here in Portland. I have two classes that I am taking, fundamentals of photography and a course in Photoshop. This was my Christmas gift to myself. I have got some major ants-in-mah-pants and I am already counting down the days until my first photography class starts!

So hold on friends...your gonna see a whole lotta pictures from this lady! LOL

Do you give yourself something for Christmas?

or do you have something you are looking forward to?

Happy holidays friends!


Friday, December 3, 2010

Girly Tree...

Every year I do the same tree. I use the same old ornaments, which I love dearly because they are all from somewhere special, someone special or hand made by my kiddos. But this year I wanted to try something new! Something glittery, something shiny...something GIRLY.

I know from years past that when you see something Christmasy you like after Halloween you have to act fast because chances are you probably wont get to go back and find them again. Plus if you change your mind you can always return things! So that is what I did. Right after Halloween when the stores began to pump out the Christmas gear I started picking up ornaments for my "girly" tree. 

I found these adorable silver glittery ornaments at Walmart for $1...

I picked them out in stars, dragonflies, butterflies and birds. I also found them in cute little words...

As you can see in this picture I also found pretty little diamonds that came in a package of 24 for $5.99 from Target. I also changed up the garland to this delicate tinsel that while I was buying it couldn't decide if it was "tacky tinsel" or "vintagey cuteness!" I think it turned out vintagey cute and for $1.50 for 75 yards I think it was a steal!

I always love to find a good Pottery Barn knock-off. Here I found these jeweled snowflakes at a fraction of the Pottery Barn price. At $2 a pop from Target I couldn't pass them up! Way better than the PB price tag of $20...

Here are those ornaments that Lily and I made (who knew a paper shredder could come in handy for a craft project)...

And just because every holiday seems to need a splash of owls around here! We found these cute little guys at Target...

I can never leave out a bit of family history. Before Grandma Lala passed away she would buy each of our kids a Lennox ornament every Christmas. Every year they hang on our tree no matter how I decorate it. I chose my new ornaments around these historical ornaments! It is how we keep Grandma's Christmas cheer with us throughout the season...

And now the tree. I found the skirt at TJ Maxx (which by the way has the cutest Christmas decorations right now!) and instead of using a traditional angel or star at the top I bought some glittery picks and stuck them into the tree branches. I think it turned out really sparkly...just the way I wanted it! It also helps that I used ten boxes of white tree lights to light the sucker up!!

Happy holidays friends and family!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

What to do with all those art projects and stuff the kids bring home!

If your the parent of a school aged child or school aged children your probably like me and have uber amounts of papers and art projects piling up in a dark corner of your house. I really didn't know the extreme amount of turkey hands, glittered pumpkins and hand written stories I had until I went on that quest to do my art wall and had to dig up some kid projects. Once I got into those old rubbermaid boxes I was like "someone needs an intervention!" I admit it, I am a child art hoarder. It breaks my heart to throw any of it away. I love it all. All of it is like gifts from my kids to me!! 

So, I figured after that art wall was done I would attack the uncontrolled piles of kid art and school papers.  I started by going through everything and tossing out the stuff that really had no meaning. I separated everything into piles for each kid then went through each pile and tried to put them in order by grade. (I think this took about two days).

I started with several of these...

And project by project, paper by paper, I hole punched and popped them into these binders. Just to give you a heads up, kindergarten to 2nd grade have the MOST art and take a couple of binders. As you get through the grades it starts to dwindle down :(

Please excuse the "no make up look!" Lol! Here is what they look like on the inside. Some projects I hole punched and some of them I popped into a sleeve...

They start filling up like this...

And because I thought they needed to be dolled up a bit I inserted pretty scrapbooking paper into each front cover, back cover and into the spines...

And now they all sit on my little corner shelf in the office waiting to be filled! It really helps to not have all these papers mound up on the office desk or the side of the fridge. For me, it is just way too much "noise" to see all of those papers everywhere! 

I hope this idea helps someone out there get a handle on all those kid papers!

Now you all go have yourself a great day!!