Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OH Christmas Tree!

Don't you know the day after Thanksgiving I was up my husbands "you know what" to get out and cut down our tree! If it wasn't for the fact that it would be a severe fire hazard by Christmas I would have had it up before Thanksgiving!

I really wanted a faux tree this year and I almost got the anti-faux-tree-man (that would be my hubs!) to cave but he JUST. WOULDN'T. DO. IT. He said, "fine, you can get a faux tree BUT only faux presents are allowed under the faux tree." (Wow, I just said "faux" a lot!)

Ok. So thats not gonna work...it seems our kids kinda like presents. The REAL kind.

But then I realized, my husband had just tuned up his chainsaw and that is when I saw the big picture...my big kid of a hubs just wanted to play with his toy! Eh! So I let him. But not without an hour long torture session of me tromping through mud and blackberry bushes and him trailing impatiently behind me trying to find the Pottery Barn tree that was engraved into my brain. (Where do they find such perfect trees?)

Funny thing is... I ended up picking the first tree I saw at the tree farm within the first 5 minutes of my search! But because I am me I had to look over the entire farm before deciding to go back to that first tree (murphy's law). My hubs was getting his panties all up in a knot because he was DYING to fire up his toy and I was taking FOR. EVER. I just kept saying to him "picking a tree is like picking a diamond ring, you gotta pick the perfect one!"...or at least I think so. And my mom too. And every other girl I have ever known.

Once I chose "The Tree" my honey lit up like a firework! All he wanted was to use that chainsaw. Which was fine, cause I think he looks awfully cute with large scary power tools!

By the way here is Mr. 6pack in all of his chainsaw glory...

and our tree behind him:)

I have it all decorated and purr-teed up on a budget of course! I decided to change all the ornaments this year to try out something new. I was kinda going for the sparkly, neutral, cream and silver look or as my mom called it..."girly." I will show it off on my next post when I can get a little more light in the living room to take pictures!

I do have to say, I am glad I went with the real tree this year because not only does it make my chainsaw-man happy but WOW! THAT SMELL! It just can not be duplicated by a glade plug in!

Hope you all are getting in the Christmas spirit!

Do you have your tree up?


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  1. My kids asked again for a real tree but I just cannot see paying for a real one when we have a perfectly good fake one....even if it is a beast ;-) looking forward to seeing pics of yours decorated!


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