Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Movie room (on a serious budget)...

Everyone knows my favorite places to shop by now. The thrift store, junk stores, the garages of fellow neighbors and of course places like TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Target, Ross and Walmart. But seriously one of the best places I have ever stumbled on to shop at was a model home sale. A model home in my neighborhood was liquidating at RIDICULOUS prices.

I am talking brand new stuff at yard sale prices.  

I went in and instantly bought a 5X8 area rug for $40 that still had the price tag on the back of it of $329. I left and took my rug home. I still wanted to go back. They had so much fun stuff left at great prices! Later that afternoon after they had closed I called the number on the door and spoke to the girl who was running the sale and I did what I always do...I stuck my neck out. Being that I had gone into that model home a million times because I am weird like that and I like to stalk model homes for ideas, I knew exactly what I wanted and since the model home had a similar layout to the house I was about to move into, I knew EXACTLY where everything was going to go. Back to sticking my neck out...I offered $100 for all of the downstairs prints, doodads and the little patio furniture set they had off of the deck. She said she would call me right back because she had to ask the builder. 10 minutes later she called back and said everything was mine and 30 minutes later she opened up the model home for me and I frantically hurried to gather my new stuff before they changed their minds! It was that good of a deal!! 

The theme of our downstairs family room is "Movie Room." I put some of the prints I got from the model home sale in there and after about of year of living here we purchased a new couch. Our last couch set that I bought used from craigslist had gone through several years of torture by the means of bottle leaks, sippy cup drips, diaper leaks, kid, teenager and husband abuse. I tried to find something used but it just wasn't happening so I decided to buy new. I went to the furniture store and because I knew in my mind exactly what I wanted it took me about 10 minutes to pick out my couch! My entertainment center was passed down to me from my mom and our leather ottoman was found at a liquidator store called Stupid Prices. I loved that place but they closed! I found the plum curtains at Ikea that came in a two pack for $19.99 which I say is a DEAL because we all know how expensive curtain panels can get! Now that everything is put together we have a big comfy movie room for the six of us. Family movie nights are our one #1 source of entertainment so I really wanted to pull together the room for all of us to enjoy.  I keep it clutter free and kind of boring because once we bust out the blankets, popcorn, guitar hero equipment and board games it becomes a mess in there!

These albums belonged to my grandma. Every Christmas she would play them on her record player! I love them (or the memories attached to them) so much I framed them (using my Michaels 40% off coupons of course!) and put them in the movie room!

What is a movie room without a big picture of Audrey Hepburn?!

Or some fun movie reels...

And movie posters...

My little guy loves this film camera light a little too much so I had to put it out of reach of his little hands!

That is it! That is our family room done on a budget! We all spend a lot of time in there and that couch is soooo comfy cozy! And like my entire home it is still a work in progress but for now it works, has everything it needs and is totally functional for our big family!

Hope you all are having a great week!


  1. wow looks great, I have jsut discovered your blog and I am really enjoying it. that cousch looks oh so comfy.

  2. Love that adorable movie decor! When we lived in California I worked for a new home builder - during all the crazy days of home selling. The models would be sold "as is" with every single item. I've been gifted or purchased for basically nothing many items. I love model homes. One of my very favorite things to do is visit model homes so when I got to spend my days in them.....life was soooo good.


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