Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kids Art Wall...

Last night I was laying in bed with my kiddos watching Toy Story 3 (um, by the way it made me cry! whatever Disney!) and one of the characters says "you made the art wall!" and that is where I go "OH! I am totally going to blog about my art wall!" And my kids are all "Mom, your so weird, you blog about everything. You would probably blog about a pair of dirty socks!" (Note to self: "Dirty Socks") So here goes another post that randomly popped in my head!

I had this blank wall in my house for almost a year. The wall is in the stairway that leads down into our daylight basement. For awhile I just had some random pictures leaning against the wall until I could figure out what the heck I wanted to put there. That is the thing about decorating a space that gives you a total brain just gotta leave it alone until you can figure it out! This requires me to have patience...the "P" word is VERY hard for me. As I get older I am realizing that patience is a good thing and when I don't rush things usually it turns out better than I first anticipated. I just gotta "leave it be Kama!" my husband would say. 

 I decided that for this awkward smallish wall in a dark space I was going to make it an art wall for some of my favorite pieces of artwork my kiddos have brought home from school over the years. I was so excited when I finally figured out what I wanted to do with this wall that I went straight to Craft Warehouse to get my frames. And because I am a magnet to clearance deals I got them all on clearance!

As soon as I got home I started digging through 13 years and 4 kids worth of art projects, stories they had written, cards they had made me, turkey hand prints, poems and glittered pine cones. I would say this project was THE BEST project I have ever done! It made me so happy to pull out all of that stuff. It also made me a little sad (sigh) because my kids are growing up so fast. My oldest is driving now and going to school full time at Clark College to finish high school with her associates degree. My daughter Tierney just started high school and my sweet little Lily is just now phasing out all of the "baby & kid stuff" and moving on to more things that are "tween-ish." BUT thankfully I still have one in pre-school! My little guy not only brings me home flowers and rocks from school (with a giant smile on his face as he exits the bus into my arms) but he is still bringing me home hand prints, painted lunch bags and papers with cotton balls, foam pieces and random shape cut outs glued to them. I LOVE IT ALL AND I SAVE IT ALL! So I had a lot to sort through!

In the end it turned out exactly how I wanted it and every time I walk past it it is like a little flashback. The hardest part was trying to measure and keep everything balanced while hanging it up. It is such a small wall that I had to keep everything equally placed. I was glad when I was done putting it together!

(Er, sorry about the poorly lit basement stairwell!)

See what I mean? Small and odd shaped!
But look how cute those little hands look up there all in a row...

I chose a hand print from when each of the kids were 5 years old, cut it out and glued it to white card stock. I wrote their name under each hand print. I also wrote their name on each art project so they would know who's was who's!

When I pulled this one out of the Rubbermaid box I did this all at once: gush-laugh-tear-sigh!
It is by my oldest daughter. She made it in kindergarten. It is a drawing of her in a Halloween costume that my husband's grandmother made her (who is no longer with us). It also goes to show that the kid is a born cheerleader! Cheering at age 6 and still cheering for her high school at almost 17!... 

I love our art wall:) It makes me smile every time I walk past it and it makes vacuuming the stairway a lot more bearable! It was also a bargain of only $40 for frames on clearance and FREE art work!

Thanks for checking out my post! I hope I have inspired you to showcase some of your kids' art work. One of my next posts will be to show you all what I did with the rest of the art work and school work that was stashed away in the old Rubbermaid box! I organized it all!!

Have a great day~


  1. Oh this is just lovely! I cannot wait to start my own kid art wall. I am expecting my 1st child in March and cannot wait til art stuff starts rolling in. :-) Not that I am rushing all of the awesome baby years at all! Just more things to look forward to. I especially like the hand prints from each child. Thanks for sharing your kid-wall art! It ROCKS! P.S. New blogger here in need of some other blog love! Thanks! ~Iris~

  2. I love your post and your wall! Great idea!


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