Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas is popping up in the 6Pack house!

I have seriously gotten bit by THE BIGGEST Christmas bug ever! No joke, like the day after Halloween I wanted to start decorating for Christmas...but I didn't. I waited until a couple days ago so my husband wouldn't have me committed to the crazy house. I have not gotten everything out yet as I am doling it out in small doses, a little bit each day so I don't send Mr. 6Pack over the edge. He is one of "those" who thinks you should not start decorating until Dec.1st. He apparently isn't the one who organizes the holidays in this house...I want EVERYTHING done by the 1st so I can enjoy and savor the month of December.

 I am excited to show you a few things I have gotten up. This year I am keeping it simple. I want less clutter, more natural things around like garlands and holly branches. I have totally been inspired by Martha, Pottery Barn and Ballard and obsessively tearing out pages of catalogs and carrying them around the house with me. I have been having a blast! 

I have to start with this ceramic Santa. He has been in the family since I was a wee little girl, he sat under the Christmas tree every year while I was growing up and now he sits out of reach from my little guy and enjoys Christmas with our family. (Thank you mom!)

This year I had to tuck away our stockings that my husband's grandmother made out of felt because they were beginning to fall apart. I really liked the cable knit sweater stocking Pottery Barn had but I really wasn't feelin' the price tag at $40 a pop! I did find a pretty good knock off at Target for $10 each and hung a little snowflake ornament on each one.

Last year this red bird sat at the top of our Christmas tree, this year I have decided it will sit on top of the old birdhouse that my husbands grandmother bought for me while we went out one day for lunch and antique shop hopping! 

My daughter Lily (who also contracted the Christmas bug) and I made these easy-peasy ornaments together one morning. We just stuck some old sheet music through a shredder and stuffed some clear glass ornaments, tied a little black ribbon on each one and called it good!

I found this set of wooden candle holders at the Goodwill for $3...

And I also found this set of pewter candle bases at Goodwill for $7 that are from Illuminations (they still had the price tags on the bottom of $20 each!). I just set these hurricanes on top of them, added some garland and they are perfect for my buffet!...Wine anyone?!

Or would you prefer some hot chocolate?

I found a holly tree in the woods behind my house and cut a couple of branches and popped it into this vase! I added some glass beads and faux red berries for some sparkly goodness!

Inspired by Ballard, I painted this bucket that was hanging around the garage ivory and popped in some faux Christmas greenery & berries...

On the coffee table I used some old ornaments to fill this old vase. I made this Christmas book last year to put pictures of the kids with Santa inside, added a couple candles, some old garland and my coffee table has been Christmas-fied!

I am really looking forward to the holidays. My family is coming up for Christmas and my bestie will be here to celebrate Thanksgiving with us! I have not forgotten about Thanksgiving with all this Christmas mojo running through me...I am truly thankful for everyone and everything in my life. It doesn't matter if my home is decorated for fall or Christmas (or nothing at all), either way I am overflowing with thankfulness! I love the holidays, family, friends and traditions and I love making our home a comfy cozy cheerful place for everyone to gather and create memories.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas season!



  1. Girl, I want you to come to my house and get all my Christmas stuff out and decorate:) I need help just placing my great room furniture! LOL!

  2. Hello. I'm Cheryl. I really like all your ideas for Christmas so far.I wish I had that luck at the thrift store! I need to get back over there and look. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm goign to get hubby to get the Christmas tree up from the basement tomorrow. I have people(hopefully) coming over on the 27th for a Tastefully Simple Party and would like some Christmas stuff up by then.

    Thanks! Cheryl @ My Own Snug Fireside

  3. Kama... How do you not have your own show.. You need to send this stuff in to Nate Burkus.. Im looking at all of this with my jaw to the ground.. You have a wonderful talent and an eye for creative decorating.And doing it cheap... Your awesome.. I wish I had your patience and talent....
    Karrie Anton !


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