Friday, October 15, 2010

Show me your red blog party...

In an attempt to learn how to blog party I decided to link up to House of Beauty and Culture. Miki's button grabbed my eye since I love zebra print and of course RED! 

I love red. 
I love decorating with red and I love wearing red.  

I chose to show you all my red pea coat. I love that thing! Everywhere I go I get compliments on it, but the main reason I love it is because I bought it at a bargain price of $9 brand new at JC Penny's (I say "brand new" because I am such a secondhand junkie!). 

Do you ever shop the end of the season clearance deals? I do. I love to hit up a clearance rack at the end of winter or spring to nab next years goods. I buy ahead. Pea coats are timeless and I knew it would not be a dated piece. It is sort of like shopping the after Christmas sales and then just tucking it away for the next season. It requires elbow grease to sift through all the racks of clearance specials and patience to be able to wait and wear the things I find but in the end it pays off. It is how I save $$ with my big family. When you have four kids you gotta get creative sometimes ALL THE TIME!

Here is my red bargain pea coat that I just LOVE...

Hope you all have a beautiful day!



  1. Thank you for joining the party! And I love your pea coat!!! It looks fabulous on you - I am going to make sure I hit those sales for sure with the hope that I come away with such a deal like you did! MIKI


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