Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ooh la la! Feather Pens!

So I have this problem.

Whenever I sit down at my desk and reach for a pen they are all M.I.A.
I suspect they just "POOF! disappear" right?


My kids keep taking them and not putting them back!

I get it, they are doing their homework but come on kids! Cant you leave JUST ONE for me?!

So to fix this problem I decided to have pens that they didn't want to take. Or should I say couldn't take. Because if they took my pretty pens it would be pretty easy to figure out who did it!

I made some feather pens! You know, like the silk flower pens? 
I love feathers (or anything fluffy, ruffley, shiny, glittery and pretty for that matter) and this fall I have been finding ways to use these cute little feather sticks from Michaels.

First I took a feather stick, some black florists tape & a plain old Bic pen.

I held the feather stick to the side of the pen and wrapped the florists tape around and around until I got to the bottom of the pen. (I know, I know...I need a mani really bad!)

This little project took me about 5 minutes and I think they look really cute! 
I plunked them in this old candle holder from Dollar Tree with some glass beads to stand them upright (FYI: You can also stand your makeup brushes up in one of these candle holders with beads).

I love them and they look really cute on my desk. 
And so far I haven't had to search for a pen in awhile!


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  1. Cute idea...they look so fashionable and expensive!


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