Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mommy A.D.D.

So I have this cute little table and mirror that I have been wanting to repaint. The table was a freebie from a yard sale and the mirror was a freebie from one of my besties in SoCal. I have the perfect spot for it in my daughters bedroom for when I actually finish it. I have been DYING to join in on "Twice Owned Tuesday" at House of Grace and I think this would be the perfect little set to use as my post...again, for when I actually finish it!

So what has been the hold up? Why haven't I got down to business and slapped on a coat of that gorgeous Design Masters flat black spray paint??

Because Miss-Organized-Clean-Freaks's garage was a mess.

It was still cluttered from the summer bomb my four kids left behind and I just didn't want to take that project on because I knew there would be a lot of work/organizing/cleaning/goodwill donating involved. Bummer for me because that is the only area I can spray paint right now since it has started to get really wet here in the NW.  

Until yesterday.

I hammered out a massive overhaul on the summer bomb and I am sorry to disappoint BUT I do not have any before and after pictures because if I did someone would probably report my blog for inappropriate content! So as I am busting out the garage organizing this and organizing that I decided I wanted all the camping stuff in the basement. You know what this means right? It means I am on to cleaning out the basement, which means I am also on to cleaning out the linen closet, which means I am on to scrubbing the toilets, which means I am on to repainting the house and re-landscaping the backyard.

Can you say "MOMMY A.D.D.?!"

If I could just stick to one thing my table and mirror would probably be done!! But I cant, that is just me, that is how I am wired (thanks mom & dad). I want things done the right way my way. Call me a type A personality (I know its just a nice way of saying I am a control freak) or call me OCD, A.D.D., whatever...things are getting done around here! AND I LOVE IT!  My hope is that I will have that cute little table and mirror set done before my daughter graduates high school or before I get a wild hair and refurnish her room altogether!

I will leave you with this: Somehow in the mix of all this garage cleaning & organizing craziness I organized my cookbooks and favorite cooking magazines (I don't know how this even happened) and I am really diggin' my cookbook cupboard now. I finally got these books and magazines to where they wont fall out of the cupboard like an avalanche and knock me upside the head. No joke, it has happened. All it took was some cheapie FLYT magazine files from Ikea for $1.99 in a five pack...BARGAIN!

All bett-uh!

Hope you all have a beautiful rest of your week...I will be in the basement!


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  1. You've sent me laughing, and yes I also am soooo ADD and OCD :) You've been BUSY girlfriend and I know you are feeling pretty good now about the organization. Good for you because soon it will be time to break out all the Christmas decor and the bomb will go off again.

    I love your cabinet full of cookbooks and those organizers are awesome. I wish I had an IKEA closer - driving 2 hours to Portland is just too far - but that's where the bigger stores are located. *sigh*


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