Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Getting my sexy back...

Its not a secret if you know me, I have lost a lot of weight this past year. I get a lot of questions about this..."How did you do it?" "What did you eat?" "Did you work out?" I think people are looking for a miracle trick when they ask these questions because when I say "I ate healthy, worked out four days a week and did it the good old fashioned way," their faces usually go from excited to looking like they smelled something foul. I know, boring right? I didn't cut carbs, ban sugar, take pills, drink potions or visit a hypnotist. I just had patience, ate healthy and joined the gym to get rid of all the extra junk in the trunk!  

"How much did you lose?" 
This is usually the next question I get from people and for months I would just respond with "A LOT" because I was quite embarrassed by the number. But now I am owning it. I worked hard to lose weight and the process became a journey for me. Identifying with what made me not care, finding new healthy hobbies to go to when I was stressed out instead of baking a cheesecake and eating it! Learning to tell people "NO" so I had more time to give to myself and work on ME and in the end I lost 52 pounds. 

"WAIT. WUH? Fifty. Two. Pounds?"
And I usually hide my face at this point and say "yes, fifty two pounds!" 

About a year ago my longtime besties and I decided to shed some extra weight. We all were doing it in different ways (and in different states) but keeping each other motivated with weekly weigh-ins via text message every Friday with a picture of what our scale showed us that morning, sharing healthy recipes we found and just being there for each other when one felt like they wanted to give up or needed support because they over indulged during a PMS attack! (Trust me there were plenty of times where I caught myself in the pantry with a bag of Doritos in one hand a a cookie in the other). It was and still is with each others support that I continue to succeed because I always know my girls will say "I love you but your much nicer when you fit into your skinny jeans! Put down the Doritos and go for a walk sister!"

My bestie Tessa and her family came up from my hometown San Diego last year for Thanksgiving and she gave me something I would have NEVER bought for myself. I STILL thank her for it even a year later. 
Meet my Bodybugg (or Bodymedia, same device). 

(This is not what it looked like when I first got it, I have added a cute zebra skin and replaced my old worn out armband with a stylish hot pink armband!)

At first I just saw it as another gadget I would use for a couple weeks then get annoyed with and not use, tuck away and forget about. Tessa and her hubby got me all set up with it, showed me how to wear it on my arm, helped me set up my weight loss goals, showed me how to upload the information to the website, input my calories and track my daily activity. I WAS HOOKED. Once I was able to see what I was or was not doing everyday I was finally able to figure out what I needed to lose the extra weight. I love it because I can see the information in front of my face. I can see how many steps I have taken, how many calories I have burned, if I have met my activity goals for the day and seeing that science in front of my face was the best tool I could have in order to meet my weight loss goals. If I saw I didn't take enough steps for the day, I went to the gym or went for a walk, if I saw I didn't have enough calories I would make myself something nutritious to eat, If I saw I exceeded my goals I would high five myself!

And steadily I lost weight. Sometimes two pounds a week sometimes nothing but I just kept on trucking along because when I saw that I met my goals everyday I could be happy in the fact that I was doing something good for myself and this is just what I needed. Being a mommy of four kids spreads you thin and it is often easy to put myself aside first in order to make everyone else happy or to fulfill the needs of everyone else. Now that I feel the best I have ever felt before I will not let myself slide back into those old habits!

I have to work on this sort of ME attitude DAILY which is a struggle because my brain likes to tell me "you should be doing this Kama" or "you should be doing that Kama" and I start to feel a pang of guilt for being in the gym instead of home reading a book to one of my little ones. I just need to keep reminding myself that it is OK to work on myself and be a little selfish. All of us moms need that because in the end we come out refreshed, rejuvenated and have tons more energy to keep up with all the mommy demands!

And sporting a pair of hot skinny jeans and sexy heels are the bonus prize!  

Here is my before.
That is me in my "chubby pants" hiding behind my kids at my heaviest...

I had a really hard time finding a picture from last year. I apparently avoided the camera really well!

This is me a year after receiving my Bodybugg from Tessa...

Hope you all have a beautiful week...I am going out for a walk!


(If you would like to read more info on the Bodybugg I have put a link to amazon.com on my blog. This is where my friend Tessa purchased her and my Bodybugg).


  1. You are so beautiful and so inspirational. Yes, eating right and working out are key in staying healthy. We all have our struggles and I understand that balance that it takes to be fit. I was an overweight teen and learning my nutrition and exercise needs was key to my staying at a healthy weight.

  2. A-ma-za-zing!!
    You don't even (really) look like the same person!! You've given me some inspiration and a much needed kick to my bigger-than-it-used-to-be butt! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for your comment about Roloff Farms. I was thinking.....wouldn't it be fun if Oregon/Washington bloggers got together for some type of event???? There are lots of us. Just a thought...maybe meet in Portland...file that under hopefully next year? :)

  4. Kama, I'm that girl in the chubby pants hiding behind my kids! I'm so ready to get in shape and loose the extra pondage...I'm so glad I read this blog, you are dsfinitely an inspiriation. Love ya girlie!

  5. Are you sure that's not your daughter in the second picture? You not only look thinner you look younger! Great job! I need to battle the bulge I don't look forward to it. But it's gotta be done. My doctor said my blood sugars were creeping up.


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